See all of the sweetness we have to offer!

Story Behind the Business...

Hi! My name is Kiana, creator and owner of Seastar Lemon Bubbles. This business is a Filipina Owned, Women Owned, and Veteran Owned small business.
I started this mobile lemonade business because I'm an entrepreneur at heart. This is one of my multiple businesses, but a special one because my family are the ones that help me make it possible. We've worked on this together from scratch and it has been one of my greatest joys. We love practicing recipes, making videos for our social medias, and can't wait to make our lemonades all over our sunny state of Florida!
Now, why lemonade? Like me, my lemonades are SWEET & BUBBLY. When customers receive something from my business, they're enjoying a piece of my heart & happiness. The world can be a sour place at times, so I hope to leave it knowing that I could make it a little bit sweeter.
On that last note, always remember: "life may have given you lemons, but with those lemons, you can always make lemonade". - Kiana

Connect w/ me & my businesses!

Keep up with us on Instagram! We share recipes, our journey, new online products, and all future vending locations. IG: @seastar_lemonbubbles


  • Below is our official menu. At our public vending events we also may provide iced teas, pre-packaged snacks, as well as temporary specialty holiday drinks. If you are interested in having specialty items at your private event, please feel free to inquire and we will see what we can do!
  • In the case of private events, based on event size and amounts of lemonades made, lemonades are cheaper than the below lemonade prices. The menu prices below are set for public vending individual sales such as; fairs, farmers markets, festivals, and more.