• Our lemonade is made of natural lemons, water, ice, syrups, and toppings. Please be aware of potential hazards such as small pieces. Supervision of young children while drinking lemonade is advised to avoid chocking.
  • In very rare occasions due to unforeseen circumstances, there is possibility of private event cancellation on our end due to possible illness or emergency. In the occasion this may happen, a full deposit refund will be given, as well as a percentage discount on a future booking due to the inconvenience. 
  • Our retail products show our best efforts of true representation of the actual products in natural lighting. All photos are taken on with an iPhone 13 camera and touched up using the phone's built in editor. Backgrounds are created using a phone application for better product photography professionalism.

Spit your seeds!

Parents please be aware when children are drinking, fresh squeezed lemonade contains seeds. Although small, always take precaution. Our cups have large lids and are the perfect place to spit out seeds if needed.